Can New Pharmaceutical Drugs and Devices Be Dangerous?

Recent innovations in technology have allowed for people to live with less fear in regards to maladies and the like. If a new sickness or disability comes into light, there are many experts in every field that are already trying to develop ways to cure it or help people who are suffering from it. It is an age of mankind where people need not fear a culling from the unknown – people seek and discover now. Life prevails and life survives – resistance is all but futile.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make mankind infallible. People are only human – and mistakes are destined to be made. Some of these mistakes can prove to be quite dangerous, what with the advanced risk that comes with the dependency on the discovered innovation.

There are a number of dangerous drugs and medical devices on the market right now that have only been recently been proved to be dangerous to use in treatment. For example, hip replacements have grown in popularity over the reason years upon their more increased availability but according to, there are some hip replacements like the ones from Depuy that have caused pain (in the form of fractures or dislocations) to many people, rather have the relief that they are meant to grant.

According to, some medications don’t necessarily affect the person taking the medicine. Sometimes, the unfortunate side effects can be reflected as experienced by another party entirety. Such is the case with mothers who have taken Depakote – a drug meant to treat bipolar disorder – who then given birth to newborns who are malformed or have brain defects.

As much good as current medicinal innovations have granted the human race, there are still dangers present and it should always be the first priority of anyone seeking treatment to make sure that their treatments are safe and will not cause them further pain.